We will prepare your most valuable witness.....
the medical record!

Let us be the consultants to fulfill your legal needs.

We will serve either plaintiffs or defendants in the role of a consulting or testifying expert. We perform these services for attorneys, insurance companies, healthcare facilities and government agencies.

Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • • Screen cases for merit.
  • • Define the applicable standards of care.
  • • Define deviations from and adherences to the applicable standard of care.
  • • Assess the alleged damages and/or injury.
  • • Identify factors that caused or contributed to the alleged
    damages and/or injuries.
  • • Organize, summarize, translate and interpret medical records.
  • • Identify tampering in the medical record.
  • • Identify and recommend potential defendants.
  • • Conduct literature search and integrate it into the case analysis.
  • • Identify and review relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures, other essential documents and tangible items.
  • • Identify types of testifying experts needed.
  • • Locate and interface with expert witnesses.
  • • Analyze and compare expert witness reports and other work products.
  • • Prepare interrogatories.
  • • Assist in exhibit preparation.
  • • Prepare deposition and trial examination questions.
  • • Review, analyze and summarize depositions, including past testimony.
  • • Develop written reports for use as study tools by the attorney.
  • • Coordinate and attend independent medical examinations.
  • These are just a few of the services offered at Our Legal Nurse Consultants.

Mission Statement: Our mission at Our Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC is to provide legal and medical clients with comprehensive expert service from case development through verdict, whether it is plaintiff or defense. We strive to conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner with honesty and integrity. We recognize the priority role of quality and therefore we evolve to meet the needs of the clients. We vow to utilize our clinical experience, knowledge, and skills with each client's case and will provide assistance in determining nonmeritorious cases and aid in bolstering the credibility of meritorious cases. Our staff is dedicated to setting the standard in excellence by providing ethical, quality, timely, professional and cost effective service to our clients.

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